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Head Trainer & Nutritionist

Kristie harvey

Welcome to 68 Fitness!

We have been helping clients lose weight, gain muscle, increase their fitness levels and just become all-round happier with their lifestyles. I am a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist with experience in 1-on-1 personal training sessions, group training and nutrition.


My specialty areas include; nutrition, correcting poor diet and lifestyle habits, analysing nutritional food intake, functional training, strength & conditioning and learning to lift safely with great form and technique.


Let my experience help you achieve your most desired goals. Whatever they are, big or small!



Kristie  Harvey


Monday 5:30-6:30am, 5-8:30pm

Tuesday 5-8:30pm

Wednesday 5:30-6:30am, 5-8:30pm

Thursday 5-8:30pm

Friday Closed

Saturday 7-10:00am

Sunday 7-10:00am

*Hours may vary

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