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For kids aged 5-14yrs

Whether your children are into soccer, netball, swimming or any other sport, our kid's sport and athletic programs offer age-appropriate strength and conditioning training to aid their development in speed, agility, power, strength and overall fitness performance.

Exercise is a powerful element that often goes underestimated and fitness training, especially in young children, can help improve their brain and neuronal development, coordination, increased muscle and bone density and most importantly their self-confidence and belief in themselves.

This is a great opportunity for your children to make new friendships, gain team-building skills, manage their weight, increase their fitness and prevent any unwanted childhood (or adulthood) health complications.

Soccer Practice

Improve Their Sports Performance

Session will be held at Nepean Rugby Park until we can return back to the gym.

Child at the Doctor's Office
Workout with Ropes

10-Week Program