Baxta Workout

A nice combination of strength and resistance to work and highlight those back and shoulder muscles!

ESTIMATED TIME: 40-45 Minutes

EQUIPMENT: Dumbbells or Kettlebells

INTENSITY: Low to Moderate

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WARM-UP: 10 Minutes

15x Squats

15x Hang Cleans

15x Thrusters

15x Bent Over Rows

Complete 2x Rounds

You can use either dumbbells or kettlebells for this warm-up.

WORKOUT: 30-35 Minutes

Single Arm - Bent Over Rows

Arnold Press

Kneeling Floor Clean & Press

Rear Delt Flys

REPS = 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6

Complete a total of 6 rounds with decreasing reps. If you have a selection of weights, you can also increase the weight each round. This workout can be done with either dumbbells or kettlebells (Rear Delt Flys are best done with dumbbells).


1. Reduce the number of rounds or reps.

2. Use light weights to make an easier workout.

Build the reps and weight up as your fitness increases.


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