Repertoire Workout

Get ready to test your endurance with this super powerful, high rep, heart-pumping workout!

ESTIMATED TIME: 40-50 Minutes

EQUIPMENT: Skipping Rope (Optional)


LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WARM-UP: 10 Minutes

10x Right - Lunge Knee Lifts

10x Left - Lunge Knee Lifts

10x Crossed Arm Sit-Ups

10x Lateral Side Lunges

15x Push-Up Shoulder Taps

Complete 2x Rounds

WORKOUT: 30-40 Minutes

100x Body Weight Squats

50x Forward Lunge Burpees

100x Push-Ups

200x Skips (or Mountain Climbers)

50x Sit-Ups

Complete the workout as fast as possible, finishing all reps before moving on to the next exercise.


1. Scatter the exercises, keep a tally and finish them in any order.

2. Reduce the number of reps - complete a half or a quarter or the reps.

3. Set a time limit and finish as much as you can within that time.


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Friday Closed

Saturday 7:00-9:00am

Sunday 8-9:30am

*Hours may vary

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