Righla Workout

A simple, yet effective, strength and cardio blasting workout. All you need is a skipping rope and any weight that you can hold! #whosready?

ESTIMATED TIME: 40-45 Minutes

EQUIPMENT: Skipping rope (optional), Hand Weights (ie kettlebells, dumbbells)

OPTION: No Weights

INTENSITY: Moderate to High

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

KEY: DB = Dumbbell

WARM-UP: 10 Minutes

15x Squat - Hip Circles

15x Double Twist Sit-Ups

10x DB Clean - Back Lunge

10x Diagonal Push-Ups

10x Squat Jumps

Complete 2x Rounds

WORKOUT: 30-35 Minutes

100x Skips (or 60x Mountain Climbers)

10x Burpees

20x Push-Ups

30x Sit-Ups

40x Weighted Walking Lunges

Complete 3-4 Rounds


1. Pace yourself and take breaks when you need them. It's ok if you take longer than the estimated time.

2. Perform the exercises with no weights.

3. Complete less rounds (ie 1-2 rounds)


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Friday Closed

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Sunday 8-9:30am

*Hours may vary

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