Shinner Workout

A continuous cardio blast to test your endurance and oxygen capacities. How quickly can you complete this workout?

ESTIMATED TIME: 40-45 Minutes

EQUIPMENT: Skipping Rope (Optional), Box or Step


LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WARM-UP: 10 Minutes

10x Each Leg - Lunge Knee Lifts

15x Straight Arm Sit-Ups

20x Squats

15x Diagonal Push-Ups

Complete 2x Rounds

WORKOUT: 30-35 Minutes

200x Skips (or Mountain Climbers)

150x Foot Taps

100x Plank Shoulder Taps

50x Burpees (Or Squat Jumps)

25x Mummy Sit-Ups

Complete the workout as fast as possible, completing all exercises in order.


1. Randomise the order - keeping a tally of your achieved reps until all reps are complete.

3. Complete the reps in rounds (ie 4x rounds of quarter reps)

2. Decrease the number of reps (ie complete half of the reps).


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