Spritza Workout

Power up your legs and heart rate with this all explosive cardio program with 5 exercises followed by decreasing burpees in an AMRAP style workout.


EQUIPMENT: Skipping Rope (optional), Box or Step (optional)


LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WARM-UP: 10 Minutes

10x Each side - Lunge Knee Lift to Side Lunge

10x Straight Arm Sit-Ups (or crunches)

10x Push-Up Shin Taps

40x Skips (or high knees)

Complete 2x Rounds

WORKOUT: 30 Minutes

15x Squats

5x Burpees

12x Sit-Ups

4x Burpees

10x Push-Ups

3x Burpees

8x Box Jumps (or squat jumps)

2x Burpees

60 Sec Plank

1x Burpee

AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.


1. Reduce the jumping movements and do step-ups or squats instead.

2. Kneel during the push-ups & planks.

3. Pace yourself and take breaks when you need to. You can always pause the timer and have a rest.


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