Tricepta Workout

An upper body workout with a focus on the triceps, biceps and shoulders! This is an all strength routine to shape, tighten and tone those arm and shoulder muscles.

ESTIMATED TIME: 25-30 Minutes



LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

KEY: DB = Dumbbells

WARM-UP: 5-10 Minutes

10x DB Deadlift - Upright Rows

10x DB Squat Thrusters

10x DB Bent Over Rows

10x Narrow-Wide Push-Ups

Complete 2x Rounds

WORKOUT: 20-25 Minutes

15x Lying DB Tricep Presses

20x Alternating DB Rotating Shoulder Presses

10x Each Side - Tricep DB Kickbacks

20x Alternating DB Bicep Curls

15x DB Tricep Extensions

Complete 3x Rounds


1. If you don't have dumbbells, you can use kettlebells or any other weighted objects that you may have at home.

2. Take your time and pace yourself. Take breaks when you need to.

3. For an easier workout, decrease the number of reps or rounds.


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Friday Closed

Saturday 7:00-9:00am

Sunday 8-9:30am

*Hours may vary

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