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Contrast Training Pack #1


Our Contrast Training pack is designed to improve strength and explosive power by offering a variety of mixed exercises and movements. Science shows that integrating strength training and plyometrics, such as a bar squat with a squat jump, can significantly increase muscular strength and power, resulting in stronger lifts and faster movements.


This training pack includes 6x tough workout programs to test your muscular power and stamina, whilst still giving you the freedom to work with weights within your capacity. Whether you're a gym junkie or sports enthusiast looking for more power and speed on the field, these programs will provide you with the foundational development you need to improve your athletic performance.

  • File Format

    Downloadable PDF

  • Equipment Used In This Program

    Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping rope, plyometric boxes, slam balls and cardio machines such as a ski erg, rower or bike.

  • Program Design

    These programs can be used for an individual or a team and they are designed to run over a 4-8 week period as a development tool or they can be spontaneously incorporated into your current training program. Each program offers a table for you to record your results so you can monitor your personal progress or your team's progress.


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